26 Thoughts On Turning 26

Today I turn 26 years old. I have so much gratitude for my life and the people who have loved me well for 26 years. To my family and my friends, thank you so much for the role you have played in my life. I am who I am because of you.

Life is a wonderful thing and I’m so glad I get to be a part of it. I get to wake up each day and laugh and create and work and move and love and be loved. The more I appreciate the simple parts of life the more joy I feel. The past year in particular has been about seeing the good in life and prioritizing what makes me feel the most alive.

A few things have stuck out to me over the past year or have been a reoccurring theme that I went into deeper. They are thoughts/lessons/mantras/whatever you want call them, here are my 26 thoughts on turning 26:

  1. Be intentional
  2. Use your time well
  3. Do what you love as often as you can
  4. If you don’t like how something is, change it
  5. Identify what you want
  6. Spend your time moving towards what you want
  7. Learn or you’ll get stagnant
  8. Laugh as much as you can
  9. Exercise consistently
  10. Try new things
  11. Serve
  12. Stay connected with your long time friends
  13. Control cell phone use
  14. You have to be intentional to find meaning
  15. Set your priorities and stick to them
  16. Be grateful
  17. Analyze your life
  18. Set goals
  19. Remember the “get to” mindset
  20. Be where your feet are
  21. Be extraordinary
  23. God is always faithful
  24. You have everything you need to be happy
  25. Give people your full attention when you’re with them
  26. Love deeply


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

(I post most of my writing at https://mindfulsquad.com/, so check that out if you would like to see more!)


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