2015: A Year of Adventure

Westward Expansion - 159 of 197.jpg2015 was a wild year. I found myself in more places than I had been before, doing things that I had never done before. I was stretched and pulled by life and the people around me. I got a full time job, and then left it. I spent a summer at the place that has formed me more than any place in my life over the past 14 years, but of course, I was met with an experience unlike any other from the first 13 years. I went on the trip of a lifetime across the great United States of America (video of the trip). I returned to the city that I now call home and got another job, and am putting down roots that will now mold me in new ways. I also started dating a gal that I like a whole lot, but she would be embarrassed if I said anything about that.

2015 was everything I could have hoped it would have been, and my gratitude towards how it unfolded is immense. I learned a lot, and want to share some of it:

Go after your dreams

In 2011, a dream was born in me to travel the American West in an epic road trip, and mercy was that dream realized this year. Myself and some buddies (Branden Snodgrass and Phil Gaynor, and Justin Hall for 2 weeks) headed out on a 6 week journey across this great country, and it was a beautiful, life changing experience. So whatever you do in 2016, move in the direction of what you want, whether it happens this year or not.

God wants us to enjoy life

A man named Leo Rock once said “God created us-because he thought we’d enjoy it” and I thought of this concept often on my trip. I don’t think God placed us on this earth so that we could sleepwalk through it, but so that we could have a deep enjoyment of life and experience the depth of it all. So whether you sit at a desk some of your day (I do), or are studying in a coffeehouse, or exploring a national park, or somewhere in between, go find enjoyment, cause it’s there waiting for you.

Don’t run from the slow work of God

God is in no rush to mold you, but He is in the process of it each day. Don’t run from the slow work of God, find that enjoyment and give everything to where you are in life, because it will have an impact on who you are becoming.

Keep moving

This summer I took a job at Camp Rockmont that I had never had before, and it was unlike anything I have ever done. I lived in the woods for 6 weeks and tried to help 16 year olds move into a bigger story than their own, where they contribute to the world in a deeper way. It was challenging, but it was exactly where I had to be because I needed to enter into a bigger story too, one outside of the comforts of “main camp”. So, keep moving forward and keep growing. Read some new books, have some new experiences, do some new things.

Spend time with people who you feel loved around

Life is far too wonderful and far too short to spend time with people who don’t help us see the goodness of it.

Some favorites from the year, cause that’s what people with blogs do at the end of a year:

Favorite Book: Tattoos on the Heart by Gregory Boyle

Favorite place visited: Grand Tetons National Park

Favorite Album: Wilder Mind by Mumford & Sons (duh)

Favorite Concert: Mumford & Sons in Salida, CO (duh)

Favorite Movie: Interstellar (came out last year but I saw it this year)

So here’s t0 2016, enjoy it! 





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