On October 4th, 2014 Cay Catherine Ragland was born into this world. Cay is my niece, and she is the first child of any of my siblings. We are an incredibly close and emotionally charged family, and so this was a big moment. The first niece/nephew, the first grandchild, the first of a new generation of Raglands. On top of that, IT’S THE MIRACLE OF LIFE. Seriously, she was formed and grew inside my sister’s belly for 9 months, and then emerged with ARMS and EYES and FEET and EARS and ALL THE OTHER IMPORTANT STUFF. What? That’s the jam.

Anyway, back in March, shortly after being told by my older brother and his wife that they were having a baby, I started writing my hopes for Cay. Throughout the coming months I wrote down what I believed to be important in life, and what I hoped Cay would find in her own life. Here is that list, and honestly, it’s my hope for all of us too, that we would each find these things, no matter what age.

This is for you Cay:

  • I hope that you truly know that you are a beloved child of God
  • I hope that you know that you are deeply loved by your parents and family
  • I hope that you have friends that love you and will stay with you through the good and hard times
  • I hope that you see the beauty of each day
  • I hope that you find your passions, and run after them
  • I hope that you are grateful and generous 
  • I hope that you are present in each moment
  • I hope that you share the gifts God gave you
  • I hope that you know that you are beautiful
  • I hope that you are brave
  • I hope that you live fully into God’s story, and don’t sell your story
  • I hope that you cry when it’s time to cry, and laugh when it’s time to laugh
  • I hope that you travel and see beautiful places
  • I hope that you celebrate, again and again and again 

So welcome to the world Cay Catherine Ragland, the world will never be the same now that you’re here, and my goodness you are going to be so great.



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