Let’s Get Messy

I have been learning a lot about the messiness of life lately. Especially the fact that I am an incredibly messy person. Some people are “feelers” and some people are “thinkers” and I am definitely a feeler. I’m loud, get fired up easily, and I love it when I’m moved to tears. I also feel things very deeply, which is good and bad. On one end I get really passionate about certain things, but on the other end it can be really hard, and can lead to a lot of messiness in my life. This is how God often chooses to interact with me, which I’m doing my best to love and understand as it enters the ins and outs of my life. I’m seeing that God doesn’t leave us where we are for long. He shakes things up, makes us move, leads us in a dance that leaves us with sore toes but trusting hearts.

My close group of friends and I are also a messy bunch. None of us have our stuff together, and we know it. We’re loud and emotional, cry a solid amount, and screw up often, but mercy do we love each other. We have been through a lot, we’ve had to support each other, clean up after one another, carry one another, and cry with one another.

The reality of life though is that it’s messy. God is unpredictable and we are broken. Things don’t turn out as we planned, they fall apart and pain is often close at hand. Emotions are messy and we all feel the weight of that at times. Life simply isn’t clean.

I wouldn’t say this is a cause for despair though. I would say it’s more of a cause for a headfirst, abandoned kind of living because we can walk out the front door everyday knowing that things aren’t going to be perfect. Our hearts, minds, and souls are going to interact in a thousand different ways with people, and that’s a recipe for messiness. More like beef stew than an entree on a sliver platter. In this we can trust God, and that He is fully present in the messiness. Heck, we could be missing wonderful joys in interacting with God if we run from the mess.

I want to embrace life fully for what it is, and I want to be thankful for it. Thankful for whatever God is doing, because He is always creating, deepening, loving. So let’s get messy with God, let’s trust that He knows what He’s doing. Because, for all the things that I don’t know, I know that God has all of this figured out, and that’s good news.



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