Today is Sacred

I love adventure. I know this, and my friends know it. I love being outside and doing cool stuff, hiking towards big views. I live for those beautiful experiences that get me fired up. A lot of my thought towards the future revolves around the adventures that will come after college, especially the dream of going west for a time.

Recently though, God has been inviting me into a new adventure. This adventure doesn’t take place in the mountains, beneath a waterfall, or on a mountain bike. It takes place right here, in every moment, in every interaction, in every conversation, and I’m beginning to learn that this is the grandest adventure of them all. The day to day is what it’s all about, and the ins and outs of what today offers can be a game changer if we’ll let it. Each day is sacred and will never happen again! I think that God is inviting us into this rich and exciting life if we are willing to settle in, slow it down, and have the right outlook.

I’ve always known that Christians are supposed to have this certain joy that can only be reached through a relationship with Jesus, but I have never experienced this on a consistent basis. There should be something different about Christians, but I think we are missing something God has been quietly screaming at us everyday. He sets the stage each morning, a stage bursting with life, adventure, tears, love, pain, and richness. Some days this is obvious, the days on mountain tops, in beautiful friendships, in tragedy, but I think God is revealing beautiful moments each day. If we can slow down and open our eyes, we can walk away from the dullness of life and enter into the fullness. If we can get lost in this joy, I believe that we will find God everywhere, because He is everywhere, and we will never be the same.

With all of this beauty that God has created I refuse to believe that He wants us to lead boring lives. That doesn’t mean I think every person has to climb Mt. Everest or be a professional snowboarder. God is weaving glamour, grace, love, and wonder into even the most mundane parts of life, and we will miss it unless we let go and do life with God rather than solely for Him, or simply without Him. Let’s go on this adventure with God, let Him overwhelm us with all He is doing everyday, let Him create beauty and newness in each of our lives.

It is a slow dance learning to live this way but I am slowly understanding that there is nothing better than today, nothing more hallowed than the conversations I will have, nothing more miraculous than the wind pressing against my face or the sun hanging in the sky. So settle in, because today is what it’s all about.


Thanks to my friend Shannon Johnson and author Shauna Niequist for pushing these thoughts towards me, and for a lot of good people who help me live this adventure.


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