But God I want to feel like I’m contributing something. Grace doesn’t make sense to me, how can You give me everything and I give you nothing? Why don’t I have to be better? Why don’t I have to try harder, and why will I fail if I do? I mean, I know that if I try to be better I will fail, I have tried it thousands of times before and have failed. But Your grace is different, You say “stay where you are, I’ll come down to you!” Yet so often I feel the need to climb higher, as if my efforts will earn favor in Your sight, and that will lead me to go higher. Oh but Father that isn’t how You work, that isn’t how any of this works. You come to me in my brokenness, in my failure to be good, and You hold my hand and help me on my way. Your grace falls without ceasing, and I am never outside of it. Thank you for grace that is like an evergreen tree, always full of life and strength, unconventional, obviously out of place, but oh so beautiful. 


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