Our Only Chance

What was Jesus thinking while He was on the cross? I have no idea, but I like to think at some point it was along these lines:

What motivated Jesus to go through with it, to suffer through the ordeal called the crucifixion, along with the torture leading up to it? Love, to be sure, He’s all about that. But I’m trying to get at something else, not something different, but more specific I guess. I feel like Jesus was thinking about us, His people, and saying to himself “I’m their only chance.” And I like to imagine Jesus thought about me, and said to Himself “I’m Mark’s only chance, he’ll NEVER make it I don’t do this.” And I like to imagine He thought about each of you too, knowing that without Him, we have no shot. So what did he do? He suffered the wrath that should be ours, He gave us all the shot we never could dream of.

The fact is, Jesus has overcome it all. He has overcome the world. He has overcome my sins. He has overcome my insecurities. My shortcomings. My failures. He knew who He was dying for, being tortured for, and He loved us too much to tap out.

God is not surprised by your sin, in fact, He is more aware of it than you ever will be. His plan to overcome evil with good was set in place long before you were born.”

-Elyse Fitzpatrick

What else is there to say? Rejoice? Yes, let’s go with that, because Jesus has overcome.



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