Mumford & Sons Lyrics

Mumford & Sons.

Those of you who know me probably also know that I LOVE Mumford & Sons, and there are a few reasons for this.

1. Their sound is flat out good.

2. Many of their songs start slow, and then somewhere in the song they will enter into a fast paced realm with trumpets blaring and strings being strum with urgency, and I love  when that happens in songs. One of my friends described it as “It’s like at the beginning it’s just him [Marcus Mumford] in a room playing the guitar, but by the end it’s like you’re in a concert hall”

3. Their lyrics. Their lyrics are deep and full of life. They speak to our struggle as humans, to what’s important, and they speak the truth. But mainly, many of their lyrics contain spirituality in a simple and relatable sense, and as a follower of Jesus, this speaks to me more than anything else about this band.

I’ve heard the question asked many times if Mumford & Sons are Christians, well here’s what I do know.

  • Marcus’ parents are the head of the Vineyard in London
  • Marcus has said that faith is beautiful and something to celebrate (Source: A Deliberately Spiritual Thing)

So I don’t know the heart of the guys in Mumford & Sons, and I don’t need to, I do know that they put good, uplifting lyrics pointing to spirituality in their songs, and if millions of people hear that, well that’s a good thing. As for me, I see Jesus all over their songs.

So I’ll start a new series of posts centered around lyrics from Mumford & Sons as we approach the release of their second album. I’m sure I won’t get all of their great lyrics into a post, but I’ll do my best. Off we go.



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