The team preparing for a showing of The Jesus Film

I had quite the summer. 2 weeks in Guinea, West Africa with the Jesus Film Project. 10 weeks in Black Mountain, NC at Camp Rockmont. There are countless things to talk about in regard to this summer, but for now I want to touch on brokenness and the times I encountered it.

In Guinea we would have a time of worship and bible study in the mornings, as well as two people giving their testimonies. Testimonies are tough stuff. They can be the most clear cut was to communicate your brokenness, which is powerful, but tough. The team (thankfully) never held back on their testimonies so we were really in it together. There were multiple instances where parents really hurt their children emotionally, mostly through fathers leaving their family behind. Stories of diseases that the people around them have had that crushed them in one way or another, and the brokenness that ensued. As well as struggles dealing with the family members that were still around, and any other form of brokenness that was spoken.

At Rockmont staff church, we have a time called Prayers of the People. This is where the floor is open to anyone to ask for prayer for themselves or anyone else. The brokenness that we deal with in this world is so apparent during this time, and always breaks my heart for what my fellow camp staff have to experience. It’s tough, and so in your face, because the connection you feel with these people as you give your life away with them is so strong, that for them to communicate the brokenness they see around them, well, it hits you hard.

Brokenness is like something that we keep trying to forget, but it keeps coming back up at us, letting us know it’s not going anywhere. But that’s okay. Brokenness points us to OUR NEED for a Savior, our need from something bigger than ourselves to rescue us, because we can’t fix the hurt in this world.

So don’t be afraid to let your brokenness show, and I’ll do everything I can to be vulnerable with you, and maybe, just maybe, we can walk this journey together, pointing each other to OUR NEED for a Savior, and running after Him with all we have. Trust it, He is so so so much bigger than your problems.



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