See You in Eternity

Goodbye photos during our last two days on the trip. Clockwise from top right: Eric Zizich, Brooklyn Perry and Chelsea Ferguson, Sean McGovern, Tom and Sherry Moore.

I recently went on a trip to the country of Guinea in Africa with The Jesus Film Project to show a film about the life of Jesus and to spread the gospel to regions that had not yet heard it. It was a transformative trip spent with some amazing people. The trip was two weeks, which is about the perfect amount of time to become close friends with everyone on the trip, and then have to say goodbye, and the reality is that because the team is spread across the country, I may never see some of them again in my life.

The truest reality though is that for those who are born again with Christ, there is never a goodbye that will last forever, there is only see you later, because we will all be living forever with our Savior in Heaven one day. We will meet again, and have eternity to celebrate. What a thought, to all the people that came to Christ during the trip, see you in Heaven. To the Christian you met on the airplane, see you in Heaven. To the former prostitute who recently gave her life to Christ, see you in Heaven. To the Christians being persecuted around the world, see you in Heaven. The grace we are covered by is immeasurable, unfathomable, and unwavering. Rejoice in that.

Blessings and grace to you all.



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