Athleticism is Natural, Being an Athlete is Earned

For everyone to understand this post, know that I will be writing under the premise that being an athlete is a title that is earned, not something you’re born with. You may naturally be athletic, but athletes work, they don’t sit on the couch wasting their athleticism.

So I was sitting in the library the other night (I started writing this a few weeks ago) thinking about a post my super runner (multiple 26+ mile races under his belt) older brother (check out his blog here) had done when I realized, I’m not an athlete anymore. How can I be? I don’t train for anything, I don’t work out consistently, I don’t run consistently. Am I still an athletic person? Sure, but as I said before, being an “athlete” is something you earn.

I don’t have as much physical strength as I once did, I don’t have much stamina, and I don’t compete in anything. Something needs to change.

Part of this is that I feel like a bum if I’m not taking care of my body. I also believe that God didn’t make us to sit on a couch watching TV and not use the incredible bodies He blessed us with, I’m not saying that exercise is the only way you can get off the couch, but I know that it is a way I can, and I know God made me to be an athlete.

This post is not me feeling sorry for myself or anything like that. It’s just myself coming to the realization that I am an athletic and competitive person, and being an athlete is part of who I am, and it’s time I started acting like it. Since I’ve gotten home from UF I have been working out or running almost everyday, I’ve read a few of my dad’s trail running magazines and have really enjoyed the trail running I have been able to do.

Hopefully this is the start of a journey, if it is then I will continue to post here about it and what I’m doing, hopefully I can even do some trail races in the coming months.




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