2011: A Year in Review

I feel like I can confidently say 2011 was the best year of my life so far. UF was such a blessing, Rockmont changed my life like it never has before, here’s a look at my year and what it taught me.

Stovall Weems, the pastor of Celebration Church in Jacksonville said in December of 2010 that if 2011 was my best year with God, then it would be my best year ever. That certainly held true, my relationship with God became so real this year, I learned to rely on Him more, and trust in Him. The exciting thing for me as I head into 2012, is I see how much I grew in my faith and how blessed I am to have been poured into so much in 2011, but I know that there is so much ahead of me in my faith in 2012 and so much to learn. That’s the cool thing about it all, you’re never done learning and you’ve never seen all God can do, there’s no limit to what He can surprise you with because He has no limit.

I got to UF in January excited and ready to attend the school I had wanted to go to since I was 5 years old. My longtime neighbor at home, Jenny Douberly, invited Zack and I to come out to Campus Crusade and check it out. She introduced us to Matt Tipple and things have never been the same, Matt got us involved in his community group and I’ve met some of my closest friends in there and now CRU is such a big part of who I am at UF. Then the fraternity happened, I had no intentions of joining a frat, but Pam said I should check it out so I did, and I felt God telling me that I should go for it despite my reservations, and Kappa Phi has turned into a wonderful place to be surrounded by Christian brothers. I’ve made some wonderful friends in these two organizations.

On to Rockmont, I could talk about Rockmont for a long time, so much of who I am is from Rockmont, it has changed my life. My love of the mountains was fostered there, I have learned so much about hard work and being a servant there, and the friendships I’ve developed there are too great to describe. There are so many great friends I’ve made at Rockmont I would never be able to list them all, but the relationships I’ve developed with there I hold so close to my heart. I’ve talked about the community at Rockmont before and it truly is something that I believe many people have never experienced. It’s tough to find a place where you can do fulfilling work and be surrounded by people you love and those people love you back. I will never forget this place.

I could give a long description about how my fall semester at UF went but I really just want to say how thankful I am for the groups of friends I’ve been able to deepen friendships with and how great it is to be surrounded by fun people I can trust.

Sure, there’s so much more to 2011 than what I’ve put here and I am incredibly thankful to the people who joined me on this journey, who pushed me to deepen my faith, and who were there for me when I needed to talk about girls and whatnot. I want to live a better story in 2012, I hope all of you can join me on this adventure that is life, and that we’ll make it something worthy of the blessings God has granted us with.

Leave the broken, irreversible past in God’s hands, and step out into the invincible future with Him.

-Oswald Chambers

My hope is that everyone makes 2012 their best year with God yet, and I guarantee it will be your best year ever.



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