Post-Camp, UF Fall 2011, Beyond

Well I’m slightly embarrassed by the length of time in between my posts but like my journal, this stuff can quickly get away from you. So here we go to catch up on the last two months or so. I had planned to write a post the week after camp, but I got super lazy and tired when I got home that didn’t happen, so I’ll do that as best I can now.

I literally just was about to start this paragraph and I got goosebumps, is that a good enough indication on how this summer went? It was life changing, you’re just not going to find a better community than the one there, everyone working towards a common goal of changing camper’s lives and just living and encouraging one another along the way. I made some of my best friends in the world this summer and it has been such a blessing to have them in my life. I am constantly missing the people of camp and the beauty of the mountains, there are so many wonderful memories of that place tucked into the mountains. I owe so much to Rockmont, that place and the people there have changed me so much over the last 10 years I can’t even begin to explain the place it holds in my heart. I was given another awesome chance this summer not only for my life to constantly poured into, but also the chance to pour into others. I learned this summer that the best relationships are the one’s where both people are pouring into each other, not just one into the other. Don’t get me wrong mentorship and discipleship and so important, but I certainly saw the effects of being able to pour into someone who was pouring into me.

On to UF, what a phenomenal semester it has been. I’ve made some awesome friends and have gotten closer to friends I made last semester. Seeing God move in my life has been awesome and his blessings continue to become clearer and clearer to me. CRU and Kappa Phi has been going great, I’m so blessed to have the people from both of those groups in life, I am constantly surrounded by people interested in seeing me grow and allowing me to accept all life has to offer. I signed up for Passion 2012 last week, I am beyond excited, God’s presence will be so powerful in the Dome, I can’t wait to see Him do His work. I’ve started going to the Christian Study Center on the reg and it is great to have a place to go where there’s always a familiar face to see and just enjoy in partaking in community with those around you. This semester has been unreal so far, and I see no signs of it slowing down.

Thanks again for reading.

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
And what does the LORD require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
and to walk humbly with your God.

Micah 6:8



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