Master Cleanse: Reflections

3 days off the Master Cleanse. I feel fine, it has been awesome eating again and I’m thankful there were no adverse affects on my body as I eased out of the cleanse. A banana topped with peanut butter was HEAVENLY on day 11, along with a Peanut Power Plus smoothie from Smoothie King on day 12, would have to be my most satisfying tastes since coming off the cleanse. Very excited about eating the next few days before heading up to camp.

It was a very tough experience, it definitely helped that my dad was doing it with me. For those of you who haven’t done the cleanse, I highly recommend doing it with someone. Another thing that got me through it, especially in the first 5 days, was the people up at Rockmont who have done it, Shawn and Matt in particular. I knew they had done and had witnessed both of them doing it so I knew I was capable of finishing all 10 days as well. I’m not sure if this will last but as of now I feel less attached to food, its become easier to turn down food and resist myself from eating what I want, knowing that I’ve been through worse cravings. I lost some weight, not a ton though, got rid of some of the weight from eating all of that college food, I will be a better cook next semester.

Finally got around to customizing the blog tonight, really excited to how it turned out. I got a little blog crazy a few hours ago and now here I am at 2:30AM blogging away. The header at the top is from the Chimney Tops trail in the Great Smokies when I hiked there with Shawn, wonderful bridges on that trail!

Rockmont on Friday, here I come.



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