Master Cleanse: Day 6

6 down, 4 to go. Tough day, but I moved my cousin in to his apartment for 2 hours, mowed my grandpa’s lawn, and played volleyball for 3 hours. Probably a little too much activity in one day when your on the cleanse, and also it caused me to only have 6 lemonade drinks. Anyway, I am really starting to get tired of the lemonade drink, I didn’t mind it at all early on, but the cayenne is getting more and more intense and as my cravings get worse the drink is less satisfying. Also, in the mornings it is quite saddening for a guy who normally wakes up and drinks orange juice t0 have to drink salt water, that’s been getting more annoying lately. Other than that I’m just ready to be done and eat food, I can’t wait to drink orange juice when I wake up Saturday morning.



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