Master Cleanse: Day 1

Day 1 of the cleanse is over. I’m hungry, but not unbearably. The salt water in the morning was awful and that will probably be my least favorite part of every day during the cleanse. The lemonade drink isn’t bad, I actually enjoy the taste until the cayenne pepper kicks in, and then that is rough sometime if it doesn’t go down right.. The hardest part of day 1 was after going to the beach with some friends we went to Sonny’s for dinner, obviously I was left to drink the lemonade drink while my friends ate delicious BBQ and corn nuggets, I am craving Sonny’s now. I miss food more than I thought I would one day in, normally things that wouldn’t really interest me sounds awesome, and I realize how often I get small snacks here and there. All in all it was a good first day, I hope that as I discipline my body to go without food other facets in my life will become more disciplined, such as the amount I read each day and my relationship with Jesus.

In other news, I decided today that I really enjoy the ocean, why this never really hit me and why I allowed the sand and other negatives of the beach to overshadow the positives, I have no idea. Granted I was with friends and the water felt great, but still, it was different. I took Matt’s skimboard and I had a ton of fun getting better at that, I think that was a huge part of why I enjoyed the beach so much today. Having a clear set thing to do at the beach and something I can get better at, it really added to my enjoyment, it will definitely be a mainstay with the stuff I take to the beach from now on.

That’s all for today.



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